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Hicks Oil is a proud supplier of 76 & Shell lubricants












Hicks Oil Company, Inc. is a family owned and operated business, founded in 1989 by Clyde D.Hicks. Clyde started out in the petroleum industry in 1964 as a 76 fuel station attendant. With great ambition, Clyde moved his way up to manager of that very same service stations bulk operations. In 1989 Clyde Hicks purchased his own station and started out as a one man show. Today, Hicks Oil Company, Inc. has two transport drivers, four tank wagon drivers, and countless satisfied customers. Hicks Oil believes quality and customer service are top priorty. With over 35 years in the business, Hicks Oil specializes in meeting all of your companies lubricant and fuel needs. Contact an associate for Bulk deliveries. From farm operations to

Hicks Oil carries a complete line of 76 and shell products, Interstate Batteries, and Wix filters. We stock Fuel pumps, nozzles, and bulk tanks.

76 Lubricants Company, with a global presence, provides a full selection of products for all types of demanding applications.

Innovation is the key to 76 products success. 76 research and development and long-standing commitment to performance and excellence has made them the best of the best.

Hicks Oil is a proud supplier of 76 lubricants.

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